BUILTR Labs Interviews Rob McKinney, ConAppGuru

Hosted by DR. GENE ROE via BUILTR Labs

This interview was originally published on December 10, 2015 at BUILTR.IO

Hosted by Dr. Gene Roe, BUILTR Labs sat down and caught up with the founder of ConAppGuru, Rob McKinney. As part of their audio series entitled The Thought Leadership Series, Roe and McKinney discuss construction, technology changes, keys to collaboration and the future of the built environment, 

Dr. Gene Roe, Ph.D, P.E., PLS is the principal for New Hampshire-based LiDar News. Holding accreditations as a Professional Engineer, Professional Land Surveyor and Ph.D in systems engineering, Roe has dedicated his efforts to disruptive technology and software business startups for most of his career.