Autodesk Fusion 360 Interns: How I Spent My Summer Vacation at Pier 9

by Autodesk

Our summer interns responded to our call:

"Today we have robots in our offices and more 3D printers than we can count. Thirty years ago when Autodesk started, it was about one user running CAD software on one PC. A lot has changed since then. Now our mission is about the entire product lifecycle (IMAGINE, DESIGN, CREATE) with teams of people using cloud-based computing on mobile devices and collaboration around tools patterned after social media. How would you like to be part of stretching the limits of what can be done today? Be part of imaging what to build. Actually create the design using cloud-based software. Get your hands dirty and actually fabricate the design in a shop. Work in a small team of 4 interns in the Office of the CTO and complete a group project. Share your perspective with the Autodesk CEO and CTO on how effective our design tools and collaboration environment are. "