ARC Document Solutions Case Study: LeChase Construction

by ARC Document Solutions

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, LeChase Construction has been bringing its skills to fields as varied as health care, education, and multi-unit housing since 1944. And business has been good. To wit, the award winning firm has expanded to eight offices in Upstate New York, one in North Carolina, and one in Pennsylvania.

In addition to producing solid work, a source of pride for LeChase is their commitment to the environment. On every project, they find creative ways to use and reuse resources.

But according to Bob Dispennette, Senior Superintendent for LeChase in Raleigh, North Carolina, something was missing. Something that could help the company work smarter, save money, and benefit the environment even more.

That something was technology. Specifically, replacing a traditional system—one burdened by reams of blueprints and other unwieldy paper work—with mobile devices.

It was not going to be easy to implement as the construction industry as a whole has been exceedingly cautious when it comes to adopting technology.

Demonstration Leads to Adaptation

What paved the way was a face to face demo by the local Raleigh office of ARC Document Solutions showcasing a hyperlinking service designed to make LeChase’s project teams more efficient and practically paperless.

It featured an iPad and a PlanWell SmartScreenTM, an interactive 65 inch whiteboard where digital copies of everything from plans and contracts to specs and RFIs are stored. The powerful onboard integrated computer allows for changes to be made right on the screen and then shared with the team electronically.

That’s where the iPad comes in. Everyone has every project document in the palm of their hand. However, what makes the iPad invaluable is ARC’s ability to hyperlink everything to a table of contents, allowing the team to reference whatever they need instantaneously.

The demo was a big hit.

Savings All Around

LeChase put the new system into place on their next job—renovating Duke University’s Page Auditorium.

“Each morning, we would meet in the office to sync up our iPads with the SmartScreen,” explained Dispennette. “That meant everyone had the most current information on the project.”

It also meant no more trips from the jobsite to the office to track down documents, no more printing, and no more sub-contractors working from outdated drawings—leading to mistakes and costly rework.

The reduction in time spent was impressive as well. Dispennette saved two hours a day on his own while subcontractors saved on average up to eight hours a day. While he was very happy with ARC’s technology, the senior superintendent was even happier with their people.

“I can’t say enough about the hyperlinking team and their highlevel of professionalism,” he enthused. “And the service we got with Susan and her staff was top-of-the-line.”

As for other construction companies who have yet to take the technology plunge, Dispennette dispenses this sage advice:

“Embrace it or go the way of the dinosaur.”

For more information on hyperlinking support services or on PlanWell SmartScreens, vist to find your local ARC Document Solutions office to schedule your personalized document management technology demo.

This article was originally published on November 4, 2015 on the ARC Document Solutions Newsletter.