Subcategory: BIM Collaboration

Product Name: BIMcloud

Company Name: Graphisoft

CEO: Viktor Varkonyi

Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary

Founded: 1982

Employees: 201-500


BIMcloud by Graphisoft is an add-on computer software product and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that alleviates BIM Collaboration constraints as a primary workflow solution. Integrating with Graphisoft ARCHICAD and BIMx products, connect your BIM design with any network, hardware/software configuration and project team, regardless of size or location.  Access BIMcloud through your computer desktop application, internet web-portal, or through your mobile device via BIMx.

Secondary Workflows/Features


Central Resource Management
Custom User Roles
Design Collaboration
Design Markups
Design Visualization
Direct Messaging

Document Management
File Sharing
Graphisoft Integrations
Infinite Scalability
Secured Data
eam Collaboration


Parent Platform

Graphisoft ARCHICAD

System Requiements

Mac OS
Windows OS

Mobile Platform

See BIMx


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Last Updated 11/2015